Nurture, Nourish, Grow, Love

The LIME GREEN door is us. @ side door of M&S (foodcourt entrance)

Aberdeen’s ONLY one-stop shop for ALL things healthy, wholesome, authentic and wellbeing.
Energise, Enlighten, Refresh and Rejuvenate. EVERYTHING you need under ONE roof.
Three treatment rooms, exercise studio and gift-shop.


Therapies including massage, meditation, energy healing, yoga, qigong, workshops and our own gift-shop with crystals, incense, white sage, himalayan salt lamps, buddha’s, wallhangings, chakra sets and much more…to take home your journey of pampering, cleansing and lightening your energy. We’ve got it all.


We take pride that we go deeper into healing and wellbeing than merely ‘patching over the cracks’. You’ll find a treatment, workshop or event that suits your needs. To restore balance, peace and joy into your life, both during and long after your session. A new, empowered lease of life to take home with you and grow from.


  • For you…..

    We cater our therapies and classes for all ages including elderly, pregnancy and small children
  • Our Services

    We offer a wide range of holistic therapies....to help you find balance and wellbeing without invasive treatments.
  • Also Stocking….

    ... beautiful gifts and indulgent goodies from local craftsmen and small businesses who love their work   ... ranging from scented, candles, gorgeous smelly bathroom treats through to crystals, chimes, incense, books, CD's, and beautifully indulgent pottery pieces,