**this website is currently undergoing a redesign to reflect changes. We have online bookings and online gift shop coming soon. Thanks for your patience – not long now until we share all our goodies with you x

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Nurture, Nourish, Grow, Love

Energise, Enlighten, Refresh and Rejuvenate.


We take pride that we go deeper into healing and wellbeing than merely ‘patching over the cracks’. You’ll find a treatment, workshop or event that suits your needs. To restore balance, peace and joy into your life, both during and long after your session. A new, empowered lease of life to take home with you and grow from.


  • Our Services

    We offer a wide range of holistic therapies....to help you find balance and wellbeing without invasive treatments. Available throughout Scotland - in person or distance healing.
  • Online Shop – on it’s way yay

    Gifts for spiritual growth and personal development, keeping energy clean, clear and energise. ... beautiful gifts and indulgent goodies from local craftsmen and small businesses who love their work.   Our new online shop launching soon. Open 24/7 from the comfort of your home.