Energy Healing Courses (NPMDT)

Energy Master Course:

Day 1: Sunday September 2nd 2018
Day 2: Monday September 3rd 2018


What is New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation (NP-MDT)?

NPMDT is harmony, balance and love: LOVE, without conditions, for yourself, and for humanity, and FREEDOM, to know who you are, to step into your own Power, and to step into your own Mastery. Working with this energy is a way to self-empowerment, and healing. NPMDT workshops consist of clearing meditations, followed by activations to connect with these energies. On a practical level, as a healing therapy, NPMDT is very simple to learn and to use, yet can be very powerful, and very effective.

NPMDT COURSES – Official certificates, issued by the School of Esoteric Sciences, are given at the completion of each course

NPMDT is approved by and affiliated with the BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association). All courses meet their required standards. The BCMA is a legally accepted body that oversees the quality of training within affiliated organisations and schools.


*There are no prerequisites to this Course* On this 2-day Course you will experience the full spectrum of NPMDT, so that you become acclimatised to this energy. Course includes: the philosophy of NPMDT, how to facilitate sessions for self and others, clearing blockages, grounding, self-mastery, and much more! These energies have a powerful grounding effect and start up a process of becoming more balanced.

*2 Days can be done consecutively, or by special arrangement.

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*Prerequisite to this Course is the Basic Healer Course* This 2/3-day Course continues integrating NPMDT energies, clearing the multidimensional bodies, and supports more personal healing and self-empowerment.

After this course you are accredited to facilitate the Basic Master Course, and/or the NPMDT Basic Teacher Course.

The above courses can be taught separately, or together, in which case the course will be taught over 4/5 days. The length of the course will depend on numbers, and the previous teaching experience of the course participants.


*Prerequisite: none, though it may be helpful if you have had some prior experience with energy work. The biggest requirement is to be able to allow and let go.

During this 4-day Course, there are many in depth clearances and activations, including 13 dimensional activations, DNA activations and clearances, and much more! For anyone on the path to personal transformation and self realisation this workshop is a real gift to the self.


This 9-day Course is only facilitated by John/Hari. You will continue with clearing, activations, practice channelling, and share experience and wisdom on how to facilitate New Paradigm MDT courses. This will be a profound journey in self discovery and healing.

After this course, you are able to facilitate the 13 Dimensional Master Course.