An absolutely Fantastic Day was had at our Inaugural Aberdeen Wellbeing Conference on Monday 20th November 2017. My heart is bursting with connection,love, light and enthusiasm.

I’m honoured and humbled at the phenomenal amount of knowledge from Speakers shared – Unified field of Consciousness, Sustainable Change, Ayurveda, Song, Dance, Group Healings, Auric Bodies, “The Power of a Broken String” and much more.

It was such an Celebration of Wellbeing we’ve now evolved to become the Aberdeen Wellbeing Festival. Join us on Aberdeen Wellbeing Festival Facebook page also for more updates on the next event. Until then see below for the November 2017 highlights:


—It was fantastic! Moving, inspiring and informative. Well done Nitya and your team. My brain is in processing mode now, so much to think about! (M, Business Owner)

—Thanks for an excellent day full of good tips and enlightenment. Keep up the great work. Thanks for your efforts and that of the team today. A real mix of valuable learning. (B, Life Coach)

—Was an awesome day felt so at home talking about all I’m passionate about with lovely souls .. life, self realisation , reflection , growth , journeying inwards self love self healing & expansion of self, we are forever evolving , changing & growing . So nice to spend time with like minded peeps Nitya thank you for providing space and sharing your wisdom with us, and to Eirrin William and Alec also xx (A. Therapist).

—I’ve learnt more in the last four months (of enquiry) than I have in the last forty years. (H. Business Coach)

Thank you ALL for participating and sharing this wonderful journey with us.


We’ve now evolved to become the Aberdeen Wellbeing FESTIVAL as a Celebration of Wellbeing in all it’s forms. Look out for lots more Wellbeing goodies in 2018.

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Monday 20th November 2017

This is a TRANSFORMATIONAL day JAM PACKED with tools, techniques and Energy Refinement methods to propel your life to the next level. Learn how to:

– Master your energy
– Attune to your own innate wisdom to steer you to success
– Change the negative ‘chatter’ and limiting beliefs FOR GOOD
– Empower your Life, your Relationships, your Finances

These are some of the easy, effortless techniques our speakers have been working with for decades, choosing natural, authentic internal change to create a better balanced life and lifestyle.

Your Speakers

Nitya Lynda McIntosh
Founder of Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre
Alec Thomson-Miller
ACE Voices
Eirinn Shanti
Ignite Your Spirit Practitioner
William Justice
Moonwarrior Yoga
Nitya will demonstrate
how to empower and
motivate yourself &
your staff, overcome fears, increase integrity to grow both personally & professionally.Nitya’s been meditating since 1986 and founded Aberdeen’s first and only one-stop shop for natural authentic wellbeing.
Alec will help you identify
your life ‘story’, review
your inner beliefs and
re-write them to embody
positive change.With 10+ years in Education working in UK and abroad, Alec brings a plethora of knowledge to this event.
Eirinn will offer you insight
into the importance of
keeping your energy levels
high, whilst remaining
centred and clear. She
will take you through some
thought provoking exercises, helping you to identify what motivates you and makes your heart sing.A background in Health & Social Work and policy maker for Scottish Mental Health
William will show you how to embrace change easily and effortlessly.

William has travelled extensively, is trained in men’s wellbeing via MenShed and has experience in Tantra workshops

The Journey:

  • IDENTIFY toxins, unhealthy patterns, destructive behaviours and relationships that are stifling our life, business and relationships
  • CLEAR these negative restricting patterns with easily accessible techniques, guided safely and smoothly by our team.
  • (RE)CONNECT with the heart and live a life of passion and creativity at all times.
  • EXPAND your ‘story’ – into a dynamic positive version of yourself. Upgrade to your fullest potential.


  • RECOGNISE who you REALLY are, where you are in life.
  • KNOW where you genuinely want to be.
  • EMPOWER your actions to fulfil your goals.
  • MAINTAIN that level of awareness, contentment and connection throughout your life.