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couch1Holistic Therapies for ‘ex-Addicts’ and Families Support (the HAS Project)

An issue that ripples into everyone’s lives….whether spoken or not.   Let’s make a change and offer hope and opportunity for change to individuals and their families

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Holistics for ‘ex-Addicts’ (and Families) Support (the HAS Project)

Holistic therapies to support ‘ex-addicts’ and families maintain wellbeing and contribute positively to society.

We aim to help individuals affected by addiction rebuild their lives by providing the tools, skills and access to resources to effectively manage all aspects of their lives – in effect a ‘Wellbeing Management Package’ – enabling clients to be free from the need to self-medicate offering an empowering abstinence-based recovery.

By using a range of holistic therapies for mental, physical,  emotional and spiritual wellbeing – namely reflexology, mindfulness, yoga, hypnotherapy, counselling and healing – clients are able to reconnect with their true selves again, return to a state of wellbeing, incorporating self-worth, self-love, self-awareness and peace to make positive, healthy and informed choices.

…’Ex-addicts’ don’t exist… Addiction Recovery is an ongoing process…helping people steadily rebuild their lives by providing the foundations for positive growth…

In turn this would allow clients or client’s family to:

·  Reduce dependency on medication
·  Manage stress more effectively without resorting to addictive substances
·  Return to work, thereby no longer relying on State Benefits
·  Relapse prevention and alternative coping strategies
·  Support for families and significant others

…Holistic methods are solution orientated…treat the whole person, not isolated areas…

The funding:

The funding provided here would allow us to offer complementary therapies and mindfulness for ex-addicts and their families. Divided into:

·  120 hours of therapies (reflexology and mindfulness) with each client receiving 8 treatments
·  Formulating accurate questionnaires to collate changes in quality of Wellbeing
·  Measuring and analysing completed questionnaires for positive change.
·  Equipment such as oils, towels.

Additional Funding

We would be hugely grateful if we are fortunate enough to surpass our funding target. The extra funding would allow us to:

· offer the 8 week trial to more clients
·collate more figures/data analysis of result
·A large over-investment would allow us to pilot another holistic scheme for testing. Our next one would be the benefits of hypnotherapy for ‘ex-addicts’ and family members.

….addiction is extremely prevalent in society today – more common than we like to admit.  Let’s make a positive change and empower individual’s and families to rebuild their lives, their relationships and look forward to a new future…. 

Please contribute and/or share this with everyone and anyone you know. Let’s make a change to people’s lives. Use the Indiegogo button, Facebook and Twitter. Thank you.

Meet the Team:

Lynda McIntosh – Founder and Director of Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre, complementary therapist, yoga teacher and healer. As an addict myself, who is now in recovery I understand the importance of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Achieving this has been a positive life changing experience as I faced my fears and overcame my traumatic life experiences.

The skills gained through holistic therapies enabled me to discover my inner strength, self-love, peace and passion for life. This sparked my desire to help myself and others rebuild their life as I now had this inner knowing and knowledge.   As our strapline suggests..’…the journey starts within’…and this has been our guiding principle in the Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre.

Wendy Riley – Is a Registered General Nurse and a Registered Mental Health Nurse and has over 27 years’ experience. She is a Hypnotherapist, counsellor, EFT, EMI and works as a volunteer within alcohol support. Wendy specialises in Substance misuse and feels passionately about enabling  individuals overcome their fears thus allowing them to rebuild their lives. She is also an author and has published a book called Tales of Enchantment 22 stories to empower positive self-change.

Emma Kidd – Yoga teacher and part time Community Development Worker. Emma works passionately empowering people to reach their potential, find their true selves and move forward with rebuilding their lives. Emma is also an addict who has been abstinent from any mind or mood altering substances and in recovery for over 10 years.


We are currently running a pilot project with Aberdeen in Recovery (AiR) – for ex addicts and family members – piloting yoga and mindfulness as a exercise and stress relief tool.

We aim to continue offering more non-invasive techniques to enable clients to manage their Wellbeing effectively.

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