Meet Nitya

Recognising a gap in the Aberdeen market Nitya founded the Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre, the first and only one-stop-shop for natural, authentic wellbeing options catering for wide and diverse needs.


Nitya is always bringing innovative projects and new opportunities to her area, including:

  • Co-founder of the North East Wellbeing (N.E.W) project. Designed to help addicts overcome their addictions with holistic methods. Aimed at getting to the ROOT of the problem, rather than ‘papering over the cracks’ with healing, yoga, reflexology, hypnotherapy, shamanic drumming, massage. Recognising that addiction is a lack of connection to our Self, rather than merely physical behaviour. So innovative, that N.E.W project findings are expected to be published in three Academic Journals (late 2017)
  • Housing Aberdeen’s first and only vegan cafe, Bonobo. Started as a pop up cafe for 18 months Nitya buffered Bonobo’s steep learning curve as a new-business, and now Bonobo has flourished to have it’s own venue full-time (opened in June 2017). Aberdeen’s first and only fully vegan restaurant.

To encourage economic growth in Aberdeen, Nitya’s Centre is home to over twenty flourishing self-employed businesses. A policy of not employing anyone, motivates her team to aspire to achieve THEIR GOALS and fosters a team spirit, camaraderie and mutual respect for the endeavours of the individual.

Among her skills she can:

  • offer healing to individual’s and groups – remove and re-programme
  • offer energy clearing in rooms and buildings (eg sick building syndrome, ‘spirits’)
  • life coaching, motivation, team building, troubleshooting
  • access and clear past lives removing trauma and destructive patterns in family lineage back in time, to the present time, and forwards.

CONTACT at, Tel: (01224) 630072
Skype sessions available.
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