Our Services

Our range of complementary therapies include (alphabetical) :

Adult Choir (Voices Without Borders) – Alec Thompson-Miller

Allergy TestingTrish Middleton

AromatherapyDawn Mackie,

Back MassageDawn Mackie, Susan Morrison

Bath Bomb Making WorkshopRitsa Ankvab

Candle Making WorkshopRitsa Ankvab

Chakra BalancingNitya Lynda McIntosh,

Chakra Bracelet Making WorkshopSchoolery of Jewellery

Children’s ChoirAlec Thompson-Miller

Chocolate Making WorksopScott Young

ChoirAlec Thompson-Miller

Death DoulaMichaela McLean

Digital Marketing and NetworkingRitsa Ankvab

Dreamboard WorkshopTheresa Day

Energy HealingEirinn Shanti, Nitya Lynda McIntosh,

Energy Healing – Lemurian LightNitya Lynda McIntosh

Energy Healing Course – high vibrational – (NPMDT)Nitya Lynda McIntosh (Basic Master / Basic Teacher)

Food Intolerance TestingTrish Middleton

HealingEirinn Shanti, Nitya Lynda McIntosh

Hopi Ear CandlingDawn Mackie

‘Ignite Your Spirit’ HealingEirinn Shanti

Improv Club (kids) – Alec Thompson-Miller

Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)David MacDonald

KirtanEirinn Shanti, Neil and Bella Walker

Laughter ClubAlec Thompson-Miller

Lemurian Light Healing Nitya Lynda McIntosh read more about Lemurian Light and Trovak Energy

Lifestyle Detox WorkshopsNitya Lynda McIntosh

Mala Bead Necklace Making WorkshopSchoolery of Jewellery

MassageDawn Mackie, Susan Morrison

Meditation:(See timetable)
Duncan Paterson (3rd Thursday of month from 7pm – see timetable)

Mosaic Making – Ritsa Ankvab

Neck and Shoulder MassageDawn Mackie, Susan Morrison

Netted Stone Necklace WorkshopSchoolery of Jewellery

New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation (High Vibrational Energy Healing) – Nitya Lynda McIntosh (Master/Teacher)

QigongMatthew Knight

ReflexologyDawn Mackie, Michaela McLean, Susan Morrison

Shambhalla HealingNitya Lynda McIntosh,

Shanti Mission HealingEirinn Shanti

Soul MidwifeMichaela Mclean

Sound HealingEirinn Shanti

Swedish Back MassageDawn Mackie, Susan Morrison

Tai Chi (Taijiquan) (See timetable) – Matthew Knight

Transcendental MeditationDuncan Paterson (see timetable)

Trovak (TM) EnergyNitya Lynda McIntoshread more about Trovak (TM) Energy

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiency TestingTrish Middleton

VoiceworkAlec Thompson-Miller, Eirinn Shanti

Yoga (adult) (see timetableWilliam Justice

Yoga (pregnancy) (See timetable)