Lemurian Light and Trovak (TM) Energy

4 hours


  • Lemurian Light is 40 – 50 Dimension
  • Trovak (TM) Energy is 50 – 60 DimensionFull list of Testimonials below.

About the Event

Learn TRUE Divine ownership across ALL dimensions, of ALL things in your 3D life. In one day you will integrate upto the 60th Dimension and anchor these energies into all your actions and interactions.  Watch your path come towards you effortlessly, simply and swiftly.

On the day you will:

  • Be given Lemurian Light (resides in the 40 D – 50th Dimension)
  • Experience TROVAK ™ Energy (resides in the 50 – 60th Dimension)
  • Learn the THIRD LAYER of CONNECTION across ALL dimensions.
  • Experience deep cleansing using a variety of high vibrational energies
  • Discover the future of healing, energy and mankind’s place on the planet.
  • Learn how to work with the ego and transform Shadow-work into strengthen your healing abilities, business and personal life.
  • Assimilate these energies into your lightbodies FAST, easily, smoothly.

Access this pure LEMURIAN LIGHT powerfully transformational energy from the wonderful time of Lemuria. It’s clean, clear gentle, yet grounded energy will bring clarity, stillness and alignment to your mission at this time. Your vibration will RISE dramatically in a subtle, fine manner without becoming spaced-out or ungrounded. You will become high vibrational Being whilst maintaining your 3D reality.

Lemuria was a time before Atlantis. When all beings lived in peace, harmony, stillness and joy. There was no ego in Lemurian times, the vibe was so high there were no physical bodies either. You will be able to ground this light into your physical body effortlessly. Remembering her time as a Lemurian Elder Nitya shows others how to access this energy of Lemurian Light and allows everyone to live THEIR best form NOW. Anchoring higher dimensions into the 3D world.

TROVAK™ Energy is from another galaxy, smoothly brought into this Realm by Nitya.

***Please note these are extremely high energies, they come through very quickly and smoothly. No need for 90 minute meditations which is why we can achieve more in less time. Take a quantum leap in your journey. These energies are so stable you could drive a forklift truck straight after sessions – no spaced out energies, but become really peaceful, energised and aligned to who YOU REALLY are.

Full payment before event date. Full price is £111 at AWC or £130 (for external venues)



“Since the healing I’ve had changes in my eyes. And they are all colours of bright light. Then I heard a [inner] voice say you are now seeing the true colours. All good. Xx”


“I have been lucky enough to experience the Lemurian light both distance and hands on. The first distance healing I received was while I was in hospital awaiting an operation. I was struggling with severe anxiety and suffering panic attacks. Nitya had told me she was going to send light but we hadn’t agreed on a time. However, I could tell when she was sending it because I went from shaking and tears to calm within a few minutes. I could feel my skin tingling gently and a soft loving feeling of peace swept over me. It helped me get through my time in hospital.

Again after I was back home and recovering Nitya sent me distance Lemurian light healing as I had suffered complications during my surgery and recovery was slow. The same wonderful feelings spread throughout my bodies, my pain level was reduced and I believe it aided my healing. I decided I wanted to experience this wonderful Light hands on. Nitya showed me how to connect myself to the Lemurian light as she held her hands over me. I could see and feel the energy moving all around my bodies, clearing blockages and expanding my own light. Prior to the treatment I had been suffering with ankle pain and it just vanished. I can now connect with the Lemurian light whenever I need it. It works well with my own healing modalities and has enhanced my skills. It empowers you to stay focused and calm whilst dealing with the journey of life. I would recommend Lemurian Light to anyone. X”

D. SINGAPORE/USA, Yoga teacher,

“I had the real pleasure of receiving a Lemurian Light session from Lynda Nitya McIntosh on my birthday. It was incredible, simple, and beautiful. I received a deep sense of coming home to who I am, in a way I haven’t felt in years.

It is a really lovely energy that Lynda works with. Simple, clear, and strong: like a powerful woman witnessing the wind blowing in the desert. The session itself was beautiful and short, and felt a lot longer. Lynda holds space, and, while guided through a visualisation, I am invited to engage with the Lemurian Light as much as I am willing and ready to, knowing it’s always there for me to return to at any point. I really relished resting in the space afterwards, continuing to bathe in that energy.

These days, as I bring my attention back to the Lemurian Light, I feel a deep sense of peace. It’s a wonderful and uplifting anchor and harkens me towards levity and joy. A lot of my thoughts, plans, and decision-knots have shifted in the days-weeks following this, and it feels so good to have even a smidgen of remembrance of who I am amidst it all. Thank you very much.

Lynda also has a wonderful, grounded, intuitive presence, which I deeply appreciate.”

I.ABERDEEN, Housewife

“I am so glad to have found Nitya~Lynda and The Aberdeen Wellbeing Centre. I had been searching and searching for the kind of energy work that Nitya offers to hopefully accelerate my ascension process as I felt stuck and I knew I had to move on. Everything I read about the treatments she gives ticked all the/my boxes … “Lemurian Light Connection” … “New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation” and “Life coaching”, it was what I had been looking for at last and it’s been everything I hoped it would be and more! Nitya~Lynda is patient, natural and gifted and very down to Earth, she makes you feel very welcome, relaxed and makes you feel that you have known her all your life.
The healing sessions that I have received from Nitya has gradually and gently stripped me, layer by layer, right down to ‘almost’ the core (not finished yet, don’t want to stop going) with ease and grace, right down to the nitty-gritty stuff that you tend to sweep under-the-carpet and pray will go away, but it doesn’t, it just manifests in the body somewhere!!! These sessions have made me look at myself in depth, the stuff we don’t want to confront, a bit scary, but Lynda is right there by your side encouraging and guiding you thru it, I knew I had to do it this way to move on and clear the debris out once and for all! I see Light and the end of the tunnel now these days and it’s thanks to Nitya’s devotion and hard work to try make this World a better place! ”


“I found Nitya’s healing session extremely powerful. I had been going through a period of low energy and self-doubt and the session had a subtle but profound effect on my state of mind and my physical wellbeing. During the session I experienced a feeling of deep peace and support, like being wrapped in a warm blanket of love and acceptance. The Lemurian light felt nurturing and protective.

During the week following the session I went into a bit of a healing crisis experiencing fluey symptoms, but when these subsided, I experienced popping through a bubble of delusion of my own making which had been holding me back from progressing with personal projects and out into the clear light of what I am capable of. I now feel energized and positive and I am “back in the flow”!

Nitya is a warm, compassionate and skilled healer and I would recommend her sessions to anyone who feels stuck in any life situation.”

S.ABERDEEN, Therapist, Healer

“I had a Session a few days ago and I must say that it was amazing…light was cast on my issues and [shown] what to do about them , my energy felt clear, sparkly and rejuvenated . I now have a crystal light temple around me- which i created in my own mind as she said that it was on my terms. I feel safe from others opinions or negativity, really safe and secure in myself about my own worth, really really recommend a Session…truly i was blissed out afterwards , released some old stuff , grief and consequently i have felt more settled in myself and light in myself xxxx ”