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David MacDonald Offers Kinetic Chain Release (KCR)
KCR is a series of medically recognised and approved joint mobilisations and stretches, which when performed in a specific and consistent manner, bring the physical body back into balance quickly and easily. This frequently provides a high degree of relief and often instant resolution from pain and discomfort in many conditions. Read more and book with me.
dawn mackie Dawn Mackie Brings: Swedish massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Hopi Ear Candling
I am a great believer in that the body can help itself to repair itself and that we need to stop and take time to ourselves to help re-balance the body to do this.  Read more and book….
eirinn-photo Eirinn Shanti Brings Energy Healing, Chakra Clearing and Rebalancing
Eirinn uses a powerful, no touch, energy healing technique to scan the subtle energy body and release any stale or stuck energy causing stress or pain in the physical body. Your energy centres or chakras can hold on to old, or outdated patterns of thinking, behaviour or trauma which hold you back from experiencing joy, happiness, peace, success and wellbeing in your life and your relationships. . Find out more and book..
Nitya Lynda McIntosh
Founder & Director
Brings Energy Healing (NPMDT), Lemurian Light Energy, Trovak Energy, Energy Healing Workshops, Reflexology, Swedish Back Massage, Life Coaching,
Nitya’s sessions are individually tailored, working in a highly intuitive way and from her Multi-Dimensional Self, transmuting fear layers into unconditional love (for Self and others) and can include chakra balancing, releasing past life issues, healing energy imbalances and overcoming childhood trauma. Each treatment clears, nourishes and re-balances the client offering them the freedom and growth to function in a Higher, free-er state of Being. To live – and flourish – from the heart. Visit her page to book
matthewknight Matthew Knight Bring Qigong and Tai Chi
The Qigong style that is taught is called Daoyin Stress Reduction and has two parts: Stress Relief and Stress Prevention exercises. Read more and contact Matthew... (See timetable)
Trish Middleton Trish Middleton Brings Food Intolerance Testing, allergy Testing, Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing.
More and more people are suffering from, digestive problems, bloating, tiredness, stress,depression, hormonal symptoms, headaches, skin rashes, IBS, joint pain and muscle pain. All these symptoms can be caused by eating something your body is intolerant to. Find out more and book here…
William Justice Brings Yoga (see timetable)
The yoga that I teach is a synthesis of all the formal philosophies of yoga. It is an integration of the important techniques and practices that I have learned from the teachers that I have been graced to study and practice with from traditional and contemporary schools including, Sivananda, Iyengar, Vinyasa, and Warrior Yoga. Read more and book..