Eirinn Shanti


  • Energy healing
  • Chakra Clearing and
  • Rebalancing

Tel: 01651 862975 or Mob:07494 409465
Email: eirinn.smscotland@gmail.com

Namaste, Welcome

Eirinn uses a powerful, no touch, energy healing technique to scan the subtle energy body and release any stale or stuck energy causing stress or pain in the physical body.

Your energy centres or chakras can hold on to old, or outdated patterns of thinking, behaviour or trauma which hold you back from experiencing joy, happiness, peace, success and wellbeing in your life and your relationships.

During the session your energy will be rebalanced and you will be filled with luminous energy to support your physical body to heal.

Your spirit will be ignited and you will have access to your higher guidance helping old, intractable problems and issues to fade.

Eirinn is also a musician and singer and has studied the powerful and transformative energy of mantra and sound healing which she also uses in her work.