Lynda McIntosh


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About Me

Lynda practices TM, yoga and cherishes quality time with her family and close friends.

Having now embodied her Higher Self Lynda’s sessions are individually tailored, receiving guidance in a highly intuitive way. Working by transmuting fear layers into unconditional love (for Self and others) and can include chakra balancing, releasing past life issues, healing energy imbalances and overcoming childhood trauma.

Each treatment clears, nourishes and rebalances the client offering them the freedom and growth to function in a Higher, free-er state of Being…to live – and flourish – from the heart.

Energy Healing (New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation)
This beautiful energy healing is a transformational system of energy healing and self-empowerment based on the principles of LOVE and FREEDOM.  Love for oneself and Freedom to know who you are. Empowering you to step into your Power and your Mastery.


Benefits of reflexology include relief from symptoms of asthma, IBS, PMT, relieving stress, fatigue and many more.

Swedish Back Massage

Benefits include relief from back pain, muscular injuries, headaches due to neck and shoulder tension, anxiety, depression and poor circulation.It can also aid in the detoxification process and stimulate the cleansing of the body, leaving individuals feeling fresh and more energised.


  • Children’s yoga
  • Private Tuition – private or corporate – please contact directly for quotes

NB Where possible, Ayurvedic oils are used for massage

My Journey

Getting to this point in my life didn’t happen by chance and in retrospect, I can see how ‘one thing led to another’ onto the great spiritual path I’m on now.

Learning Transcendental Meditation (TM) in 1986 was indeed a blessing and ‘grounded’ me immensely through my teenage years. Whilst on a meditator’s retreat in 1999 I attended my first yoga class and was ‘hooked’. Feeling such great flexibility and balance mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually I trained as a Sivananda teacher. The experiential fusion of asanas, kirtan and pranayama literally changed my life.

I realise now this ‘career choice’ was the beginning of my commitment to helping myself – and others – return to a state of natural balance and well-being.

Soon after I studying Reflexology and Swedish Back Massage at The Complementary Therapy School followed. Recognising their powerful healing effects throughout the entire body, not just in localised areas, I explored deeper into healing therapies.

Discovering ‘energy healing’ – New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation – really ‘set me free’. By clearing away fears, restrictions and conditioning I had built up over my life (all self-imposed) I became more authentic, allowing me to stand in my power. Living to be the best of myself, as I knew I could.

In 2013 I’m privileged to have trained at London’s Special Yoga Centre for children. With an abundance of resources I’m enjoying helping children to find both solace and strength within themselves, empowering them to reach their potential.

The Future

I’m always growing, evolving and expanding on my spiritual journey. I attend workshops, retreats and courses when I can. Life isn’t about standing still but moving forward.

I like to help people on their journey by EMPOWERING them – do my little bit to help people help themselves – back to a positive, healthy state of well-being and balance.